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Eric Ineke 75th Birthday CD

Swinging, Boppin’ and Burnin’
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Eric Ineke started his career in the sixties

Drummers like Philly Joe Jones and Elvin Jones were his inspiration. In 1969 he made his first record with Ferdinand Povel. From the seventies on Eric played in the legendary Rein de Graaff/Dick Vennik Quartet, The Ben van den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet and The Piet Noordijk Quartet. During his career he recorded numerous CD’s and toured with many great American jazz musicians like Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, George Coleman, Al Cohn, Jimmy Raney, Barry Harris, Eric Alexander, Grant Stewart and David Liebman.

He teaches at the jazz department of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and is giving Masterclasses over the whole world.

On April 1, 2017, Ineke turned 70 and celebrated this with a ‘Eric Ineke 70 Super Jam’ in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam. During the first half of the concert, Female Deputy Mayor of the Amsterdam city council Simone Kukenheim honored Ineke with a Knightage in the ‘Orde van Oranje Nassau’ for his unbridled dedication to the Dutch Jazz scene.

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Upcoming events

March 2022

March 7-5
Masterclass and teaching at the Universidade Lusíada in Lisbon (P)

March 15
Ben van den Dungen, Enrico Le Noci, Arno Krijger, Eric Ineke Le Cafe The Hague

March 18
Murphy’s Swing band, Murphy’s Law. The Hague. 20.00

March 24-28
Gael Horellou Quartet Paris (F)

March 29
Enrico Le Noci, Bob Wijnen, Eric Ineke. September/Grote Markt The Hague. 21.30

March 31
Royal Hardbop Society plays the Music of Oliver Nelson. September/Grote Markt The Hague 21.30

April 2022

April 3
Don Braden, Joris Teepe, Eric Ineke, De Machinist , Rotterdam 14.00hrs

April 10
Eric Ineke 75th Birthday Concert with The Frans Elsen Factor, The Eric Ineke JazzXPress feat. Tineke Postma, SuperJam, Bimhuis Amsterdam 20.30hrs

April 15
Murphy’s Swingband , Murphy’s Law The Hague 20.00hrs

April 19
Eric Ineke with Jose Cervera, Federica Lorusso, Alessio Galore Bebop Delft 20.30hrs

April 26
Simon Rigter, Juraj Stanik, Cas Jiskoot, Eric Ineke September Grote Markt The Hague 21.30hrs

April 28
Royal Hardbop Society presented by Eric Ineke September Grote Markt The Hague 21.30 hrs

April 29
Yvonne Walter, Dirk vd Linden, Bram Weijters, Piet Verbist, Eric Ineke , Het Getouw, Mol (B)

May 2022

May 3
John Ruocco, Katja ji, Steve Zwanink, Eric ineke, September, Grote Markt The Hague at 21.30hrs

May 15
MB Big Band plays The Music of Thad Jones feat. Eric Ineke Musicon The Hague 21.00hrs

May 22
Ian Cleaver, Gideon Tazelaar, Rob Van Bavel, Steve Zwanink, Eric Ineke, Pavlov, The Hague at 16.00hrs

May 26
Royal Hardbop Society Presented by Eric Ineke, Pavlov, The Hague at 16.00hrs

May 29
Sam Brayher , Eric Ineke etc. September Grote Markt The Hague 21.30hrs

Photos by Jurjen Donkers, Mark Heeman.

list of musicians Eric played with
View documentary at (dutch) Read interview at Jazz in Europe (english) Eric Ineke on wikipedia

“I want the swing
to be alive”